Shows and events in the gaming capital

Unibet review: A visit to Las Vegas doesn’t have to satisfy only the passion for the game. Indeed, there are so many entertainment possibilities offered by the city of Nevada. If once they were names of the caliber of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash to excite the public, today instead we think stars like Céline Dion, David Copperfield or the “Cirque du soleil” to make a stay in Las Vegas unforgettable .

A particularly well-known attraction was the performances of German-born illusionists Siegfrid & Roy, whose debut at the “Tropicana” in Las Vegas dates back to 1967. In 1990, the two began performing regularly in the legendary hotel “The Mirage”, reaching at an altitude of 15,000 performances in the “Sin City” in 1996. In October 2003, Roy Horn suffered serious injuries following the attack of the white tiger “Montecore”, and this caused the end of the union.

Over the years, the gaming capital has also hosted countless leading sporting events. How can we forget the boxing match that saw Myke Tyson and Evander Holyfield on June 28th 1997? On that occasion, after Tyson lost the first two rounds, Tyson’s famous bite in Holyfield’s right ear led to the suspension of the match during the third round. This misconduct also resulted in Mike Tyson’s one-year disqualification.

At one time, Las Vegas operators tended to offer remarkably low prices for scheduled events to attract tourists to the city of Nevada. Today, however, this expedient is no longer necessary, given that visitors no longer come only because of casinos: it is also the events held in Las Vegas that attract a large number of visitors.