Poker Strategies

The position refers to the order in which poker players are sitting around the table and to the strategic consequences of this. In general, players in an early position (those who have to act first) need stronger hands to bet or raise than players in a late position. For example: if there are still five opponents left in a poker hand to act behind a player, there is a good chance that one of these opponents has a better hand than if there is only one opponent to act. Being in a late position is an advantage because the player observes how players play in previous positions (which provides the player with more information about his hand than they have).

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The position in poker is one of the most vital elements to understand to become a long-term winning player. As a player’s position improves, so does the range of hands with which he can enter a hand and make a profit. On the contrary this common knowledge can be used as an advantage by an intelligent poker player. If you play against observer players in a poker room (when the amount of chips that one has is finite, that is to say that there are no repurchases) then an increase with any two cards can “draw the blinds”, if executed against passive players in the right moment.