Online Baccarat and Online Roulette – Basics

Online baccarat is a somewhat unusual card game in many ways. First is your name. The three syllables “baccarat” turn out to be the French spelling of the Italian word “zero.” The game was so named because of the strange way in which the cards are counted towards a player score. The scoring system is, in fact, one of the most confusing things about baccarat.

In baccarat it is possible to get a score of zero. This seems impossible because all cards must have some value. However, it is possible to score zero in baccarat as the tens digit is ignored when recording the total score. Thus, any pair of cards whose value is ten would yield a score of zero. Any total greater than zero loses its tens.

Online roulette is played by dropping a small ball into a roulette wheel. The surface of the wheel is divided into several numbered compartments, which can be red or black. Before the ball falls, players place bets on where the ball will fall. The wheel is usually rotated very quickly, to the point that it becomes difficult to see the numbers clearly. The ball must be dropped while the wheel is spinning rapidly. This has the advantage of preventing the person dropping the ball from influencing the result. The compartments are numbered from 1 to 36, plus a zero-numbered compartment. In some casinos there is also a double zero (00) slot.

As this is a casino game, bets usually take place through chips. Generally, roulette chips do not have a denomination written on them, resulting in a flexible value. In fact, different roulette chips may have different values ​​within the same game. It all depends on how much a player buys.